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Cold brew
Home Brewing
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Iced coffee - Japanese style
Cold coffee done on a pour over...check out how!
cold brew coffee
New Orleans-style Cold Brew Coffee Recipe
Cold brewed coffee with some chicory, milk & a dash of maple syrup. Recipe here!
best coffee brewing methods
The 6 types of coffee brewing methods
The $100 guide to good coffee at home
Step up your coffee game!
coffee beans
What Is Peaberry Coffee, And Why Is It Special?
A genetic deformity when, instead of two seeds, a cherry has just one seed, with no flat surface, just rounded on both sides. Learn more...
where to store coffee
Don't store your coffee in the fridge or freezer!
The pantry works way better! Learn why.
coffee tasting notes
Can you taste the tasting notes on your coffee? Here's how!
Have you ever looked at the tasting notes on coffee labels, seen things like “lavender infused chocolate” – and thought, “Yeah Right!”. I just taste COFFEE in my COFFEE.
Brew Great Coffee While Traveling This Holiday Season
You don’t need to sacrifice your great morning coffee!
coffee roaster
A Story About Why America Moved Away From Coffee After The World War.
It turns out that coffee and Coca-Cola have highly intertwined histories! Read on...
coffee grinder
The Best 3 Grinders For Your Home
Our top 3 automatic burr grinders that fit your budget.
coffee bloom
What Is The Bloom And How Does It Affect Taste?
Make your coffee taste better by allowing it to bloom.
How Do We Select Coffees In Each Roast Profile?
Gooseneck Kettle
Brew guide and tips for manual pourover
Manual pour-over brewing offers a high degree of control for all coffee lovers. Another benefit? It's easier than you think!
green coffee beans
What's The Difference Between Arabica And Robusta Coffee?
Though they both taste like coffee, there are many difference between arabica and robusta beans. Learn about their origins, history, and uses.
coffee gloves
3 Common Misconceptions About Keeping Coffee Hot
Learn about the most common mistakes made when trying to keep coffee warm, and discover a better alternative.
french press
The 5 Factors That Affect Extraction (And What You Can Do To Make Better Coffee!)
Learn how to manage extraction to brew a better cup!
cold brew coffee
The Ideal Temperature to Drink Coffee
coffee subscription plans
How Do I Make My Coffee Strong?
Does your coffee taste weak and watery? Learn how to fix!
kickstarter campaign
Kickstarter Campaign For The Most Sustainably Designed Coffee Cup Ever!
coffee equipment
Our Top 3 Picks For Coffee Scales Based On Your Budget
Looking for a recommendation for a coffee scale at home? We're here to help! Read about our top three choices for high-quality scales.
coffee grinder
Why Won't You Grind My Coffee?
drink coffee at home
Three Steps to Make Better Coffee at Home
Just beginning your coffee journey? Here are three broad guidelines to help you make great coffee at home!
coffee delivery
How is Instant Coffee Made?
Learn the science behind instant coffee, and why we prefer to brew freshly-roasted beans!
fair trade coffee
Fair Trade & Other Certifications
Fair trade, direct trade, rainforest alliance certification, and our coffee ethos at Driftaway.
using a chemex pour over
Which Pour-Over Cone Do I Get?
The pour-over method of brewing coffee is popular for good reason, but which pour-over is best? We examine the Kalita, Chemex, and Melitta.
Driftaway Coffee domain
Why Do We Use a .Coffee Domain?
The domain .coffee perfectly describes what we're passionate about here at Driftaway - COFFEE!
how to compost with coffee
Composting With Coffee Grounds
Composting with coffee grounds is a sustainable way to garden. Used coffee grounds can enrich soil, attract worms, and provide plants with nutrients.
get coffee delivered to your home
Save $416 Each Year By Drinking Coffee At Home
By drinking just one cup of coffee at home each day (instead of visiting a cafe), you could save $416 each year! Driftaway Coffee is more affordable than you think!
coffee roaster
A Look At Our History through the Roasters We've Used
Chart the growth of Driftaway Coffee through our various coffee roasters.
coffee bag
What is That Hole in Your Coffee Bag?
The hole found in coffee bags is very important to allow for the release of carbon dioxide from beans after roasting.
make great coffee with french press
6 Tips to Make the Best Coffee From Your French Press
Follow these simple steps to easily brew coffee at home using a french press.
freshly roasted coffee
Why Is Coffee Bitter?
Coffee itself is not bitter, but rather bitterness is a result of over-roasting beans.
how to make great coffee
The Ultimate Guide to Making Electric Drip Coffee
Learn to brew great coffee using an auto-drip coffee maker.
freshly roasted coffee
Coffee Recipe Table (Coffee-to-Water Ratio)
Use this chart to determine the correct coffee-to-water ratio for a small, medium, and large cup of coffee.
Roast Levels - Light, Medium and Dark Roasts
Roast Levels - What's the Difference Between Light Roast, Medium Roast & Dark Roast?
Different roast levels can change the balance between body and acidity in coffee.
Burr vs. Blade Grinder
Burr grinders and blade grinders use two different methods to grind coffee beans, and offer varying levels of bean consistency and uniformity.
how coffee affects your brain
Three Ways That Caffeine Affects Your Brain
The caffeine found in coffee has noticeable effects on our brains, making us alert, energetic, and happier!
make cold brew coffee
4 Things You Need to Know About Cold Brew Coffee
Cold brew coffee is a perfect way to celebrate the warmer weather. Learn how to make it, and why it tastes different than other brewing methods.
coffee roaster
How Much Coffee Does a Coffee Roaster Drink Each Day?
Curious about how much coffee a coffee professional drinks each day? The answer may surprise you (it's not as much as you might think!).
Aeropress Timer
Aeropress Timer: A Coffee App We Use, Love and Heartily Recommend
Aeropress Timer is one of the best coffee apps for iOS devices. It’s intuitive, has great Aeropress recipes and is regularly updated.
Are Coffee Naps Real?
Coffee naps are power-naps that immediately follow drinking coffee. Research has shown that they are more effective than either coffee or napping is by itself.
sharing a cup of coffee
What is the Connection Between Drinking Coffee and Alzheimer's?
Research suggests that coffee could prevent and possibly even reverse the effects of dementia that accompanies Alzheimer’s disease, in case you needed a reason to have a cup.
coffee and cookie
How To Make Your Own Coffee Creamer
Looking for a good coffee creamer? Here’s a brief guide on how to make your favorite flavored coffee creamer with just a few ingredients.
Ceramic or Glass Coffee Cups?
Selecting a new mug is often an aesthetic choice, but there are thermodynamic and environmental impacts of choosing a glass or ceramic coffee mug.
freshly roasted coffee beans
How Coffee is Grown, Processed, Roasted & Reaches You: A Crop-to-Cup Overview
From crop to cup, coffee takes a long journey. Learn about how coffee is grown, processed and roasted before it reaches you.
Can Your Dog Drink Coffee?
Coffee isn’t good for dogs. You shouldn’t ever give your dog coffee, but you should know what to do if he accidentally drinks some.
coffee cherries
How Does Elevation Affect the Taste of Coffee?
Most roasters include elevation on their coffee bags because it affects how a coffee tastes. Find out why a coffee’s altitude affects its flavor.
french press
Plunging into Presses: What Should You Look For in a French Press?
What should you look for in a French press? The plunger, style and size matter. Here's our recommendations.
freshly roasted coffee
What is Acidity in Coffee?
Many of the flavors found in coffee can be directly attributed to the presence of acids. Here are some acids found in coffee and the flavors they create.
coffee roaster
How Can You Roast Coffee Beans at Home?
Home roasting is a fun way to explore coffee, and it’s easy to get started. You just need a heat source, time, and green beans to roast coffee at home.
coffee bloom
Are White or Brown Coffee Filters Better?
Are bleached or unbleached filters better for your health, your coffee and the environment? Find out why it's important to use quality paper coffee filters.
morning coffee
How many calories in coffee?
How many calories in coffee? Learn that, and why!
Why is Whole Bean Coffee More Expensive Than Ground?
Whole bean coffee typically costs more than pre-ground coffee, but it's worth paying for. Here's the 3 factors that contribute to whole bean's higher price.
cowboy coffee
How Do You Make Cowboy Coffee?
Cowboy coffee has a reputation for tasting bitter and bad, but you can enjoy great coffee while camping. Here’s how.
Should You Drink Coffee To Cure A Hangover?
Having coffee when you’re hungover is a catch-22. Learn why you might want to have coffee, even though it might make your condition worse.
coffee cherries
How is Coffee Processed?
Dry, washed and semi-washed processing methods each infuses coffee with different characteristics. Find out how they affect the flavor of the coffee you drink.
coffee filters
Should I Use Metal or Cloth Filters?
Cloth and metal filters are both viable, environmentally friendly alternatives to paper filters. Which one brews the best coffee, though? Find out.
coffee cherries
How Coffees from Different Parts of the World Taste -- And How We Roast Them
Where a coffee’s from significantly affects its taste. Find out what characteristics are common in coffees from each of the world’s four main growing regions.
coffee beans
How is Coffee Decaffeinated?
There are three main ways coffee is decaffeinated: using solvents, via the Swiss Water Decaf method or with carbon dioxide. Find out how each method works.
color of coffee
Is Coffee Black or Brown? The Many Colors of Coffee
Before roasting, coffee beans are yellow, red and green. Learn about the colors of coffee and appreciate its beauty, as well as its taste.
How Do I Make My Coffee Less Bitter?
Is your brewed coffee bitter? Here’s how to brew coffee so it’s not bitter, and what to do if you’re brewing it correctly but it still tastes strong.
cold brewed coffee
What Is Cold Brew Coffee & How Do You Make It?
Cold-brew coffee is different from both hot and iced coffee. Learn about it’s unique characteristics and how to make it.
coffee with ice
What Are The Different Types of Cold Brew Available?
Because of its higher caffeine content, cold-brewed coffee is rarely used on its own. Here are four ways you can enjoy a refreshing, sweet cold-brew and not be kept awake.
cold brew coffee
How Is Cold Brew Made Around The World?
Different countries have their unique takes on cold coffee. Find out what makes American cold-brew, Thai and Vietnamese iced coffee and Indian Cold Coffee distinct.
iced coffee
The History of Cold Brew
Cold-brewed coffee has just recently become popular in the U.S., but it's been brewed in Japan for centuries. Learn about the origins of cold-brew and why it's becoming popular now.
How Does Cold Extraction Work?
Cold-brewed coffee has a different flavor profile than most styles of coffee. Find out how changing the water temperature impacts the extraction of solubles in cold-brews.
coffee beans
When Is Coffee Too Old To Drink?
Fresh coffee is best roasted within 3 weeks of roasting, but we all have beans that are months old. What should you do with your older coffee?
Drink Coffee the Italian Way
brew coffee without coffee maker
How To Brew Great Coffee Without a Coffee Maker?
Learn how to brew coffee while traveling or camping - no coffee maker needed!
cold brew
Which One Is Better - Cold-brewed or Hot-brewed Coffee?
Cold-brewed and hot-brewed coffee are very different from each other. Which is better? Here’s how to decide.
coffee meeting
4 Keys To Productive Coffee Meetings
coffee stain
How To Remove Coffee Stains: Synthetic and Cotton Fabrics
too much coffee
How much coffee is too much coffee?
coffee man
Why is coffee called a "cup of joe?"
coffee beans
Coffee Varietals: Typica, Bourbon and Three Derivations of Them from Brazil
Exploring coffee varietals, including Typica and Bourbon, as well as other varietals from Brazil.
roasting coffee at home
How To Get Started With Home Roasting
Learn how to get started with home roasting coffee, from the type of equipment to use to the stages the coffee undergoes.
Coffee Grades: How Coffee Is Sorted By Size
The quality of coffee is often determined by coffee grades, which can often refer to the size of the bean.
The History of Coffee Houses
A retrospective look at the history of coffee houses, beginning with their origins in the Middle East and tracing them through England.
A Brewing Guide for Turkish Coffee
Learn the steps and equipment needed to brew Turkish coffee at home.
A Comprehensive Coffee Grinding Guide
Use our coffee grinding guide to help you make better coffee at home. Learn which grind size to choose, and which type of grinder to purchase.
The Single-Origin Coffee Trend Is Changing How Coffee's Roasted
Single-origin coffee is changing how many roasters approach their craft, resulting in lighter roasts that accentuate coffee's natural terroir.
How Does Coffee Grow?
Learn about how coffee grows, starting with the coffee cherry, the tree, the planting season, and more!
How to Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Latte - With or Without an Espresso Machine
Learn how to make an amazing pumpkin spice latte from the comfort of your kitchen!
A Look at Bulletproof Coffee's Claims About Their Coffee
What Is Coffee Liqueur?
Learn how to make great tasting coffee liqueur from home, using Driftaway coffee!
The Ultimate Guide to Making Espresso
Want to pull a great shot of espresso? Learn the tricks and tools you need to have with this ultimate brew guide for espresso.
morning coffee
Is There More Caffeine in Coffee or Tea?
Does coffee really have more caffeine than tea? Or is it a rumor that the caffeine in coffee is stronger? Read on to find out more!
What is the Most Expensive Coffee?
Kopi luwak coffee is considered to be some of the most expensive coffee in the world. Is it worth the price? It certainly has a particular taste!
The Taste of Sumatran Coffee
Sumatran coffee is processed in a very particular fashion, mostly due to the environment and motivations of the coffee farmers.
Alternative Names for Coffee
Alternative names for coffee include cup of joe and java. Learn the history behind these common monikers!
Drinking Coffee Before Exercising
Is it safe to drink coffee before exercising? Yes! Coffee can actually improve your exercise endurance!
When is Coffee Harvested?
Top Gifts for the Coffee Beginner
Top Gifts for the Coffee Connoisseur
Thoughtful coffee gifts that any coffee-lover will enjoy this holiday season.
Best Coffee Gifts Under $50
Coffee gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list - all under $50.
The Other Coffee Varietals from Central/South America
Coffee varietals contribute a significant characteristic to a coffee’s flavor. Here, we examine varietals from Central and South America.
How Does Caffeine Affect Your Sleep
Learn about how coffee affects your sleep patterns and circadian clock.
kickstarter campaign
Styrofoam vs. Paper: Which Cups Are Best for the Environment?
South Indian Filter Coffee
How To Make South Indian Filter Coffee
Different Types of Sweeteners and How They Taste With Coffee
Why Do We Add Milk or Creamer to Coffee?
coffee grinder
How To Maintain Your Burr Grinder?
What's the Difference Between an Americano and a Cup of Drip Coffee?
Coffee Habits of Presidential Primary Candidates
How to Make Coffee Ice Cream
When Should You Avoid Coffee?
Our Story Behind The Name Driftaway
The Advantages of a Hand Grinder
How To Steam Milk for Espresso
What is Terroir, and How Does It Affect Your Coffee's Taste?
Origin Spotlight: Ecuador
Drink Coffee the New Orleans Way
How To Improve Your Coffee at the Office?
How to Make Coffee Cake
5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Coffee Grinder
coffee grinder
What's the Difference Between a Flat and Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
Coffee vs. Soda: A Comparison
Which French Press Should I Buy?
Origin Spotlight: Colombia
Which Coffee Has the Most Amount of Caffeine?
Drink Coffee the Mexican Way
Drink Coffee the British Way
How to Make Your Own Coffee Bar or Station
gooseneck kette
What Are the Essential Pour-Over Accessories?
Coffee vs. Red Bull: A Comparison
Which Auto-Drip Machine Should I Buy?
Drink Coffee the Vietnamese Way
The 3 High-End Hand Coffee Grinders
Why is Coffee Called Java?
How to Avoid Coffee Stains on Teeth?
Why Does Coffee Make Me Sleepy?
How Do People Drink Coffee In New England? Hint: Coffee Milk
Refreshing Our Packaging!
Origin Spotlight: Ethiopia
How Much Coffee Does America Drink?
Can You Add Honey as a Sweetener to Coffee?
Coffee and yoga - Why is tea more prevalant in yoga circles?
Aeropress In-Depth Review
Does decaf have any caffeine at all?
Drink Coffee the Australian Way
The effect of coffee cup material on taste: Ceramic vs stainless steel vs plastic
How to dye your clothing with coffee?
What is body and mouthfeel in coffee taste?
Why does coffee make you poop?
What is cascara and should you drink it?
Chemex - in-depth review
Drink Coffee the French Way
How does coffee made with Keurig and Nespresso single-serve machines taste?
Origin Spotlight: Guatemala
What are the top 10 coffee grinders?
Why do we add sugar to coffee?
Should I drink coffee when sick?
Coffee Gifts for Mother's Day Under $50
Beautiful Curated Coffee Gift Sets for Mother's Day
Coffee Gifts for Mother's Day Under $100
Top 10 Coffee Gifts for Mother's Day
How to Get Mom Started With Better Coffee
Make Mom a Coffee Connoisseur
cold brew coffee
New and Refreshed Cold Brew Coffee Recipe, Just in Time for Summer!
Can We Trust the Brewing Recipes That Come with a New Brewer?
Our Top 4 Most Searched-For Questions About Coffee
The Complete Guide to Exploring the Coffee Explorer Kit
An In-depth Guide to the Profiles in the Coffee Explorer Kit
Getting Hitched? Give the Gift of Coffee
Please Don’t Do This to Your Coffee (Rebrew)
Back to Envelope Mailers
Brew Guide for SCAA-Approved Drip Coffee Makers
Step-by-Step Guide for the Hario V60
A Comprehensive Guide to Home Espresso -- With and Without an Espresso Machine
Brew Guide for Chemex
What are coffee co-ops and why are they important?
make coffee with auto drip
3 tips to make better coffee using an auto-drip machine
3 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Fresh Coffee
What we’ve been up to – November ’14
Aeropress Tips 2
Aeropress vs. French Press
Chemex Ratio
Chemex Iced Coffee
The First Test
French Press Sizes
French Press Coffee Ratio
Caffeine Resets
Coffee Podcasts
Can I Regrind Medium- or Coarse-Ground Coffee for Espresso?
UEG | Uganda Gibuzale
CTM | Colombia Tolima Meridiano
GHR | Guatemala Huehuetenango Regalito
EKM | Ethiopia Kata Maguda Kedamai
PLC | Peru Lima Cajamarca
HNM | Honduras SHG Natividad Melgar Washed Microlot
CHM | Colombia Huila Santa Maria
KGT | Kenya AB Gatubu
Coffee Magic
coffee from around the world
What are Single Origin Coffees?
Single-origin coffees allow you to fully experience the characteristics of a regionally-specific coffee.
gooseneck kette
Our 3 Favorite Gooseneck Kettles for Pourover Coffee
Our favorite gooseneck kettles for making pour-over coffee, based on shape, weight, performance, capacity, and price.
coffee beans
Do Darker Roasts Have More Caffeine?
It's a common myth that dark coffee roasts contain higher levels of caffeine. In truth, the roast level does not affect the amount of caffeine!
How to make cold brew coffee
How long does it take to steep cold brew?
My cold brew tastes watery or too thick. Help!
How long does cold brew last and where to store it?
What cold brew ratio should I use?
What is the difference between cold brew and cold brew concentrate?
Does cold brew have more caffeine?
Is cold brew and iced coffee the same?
What are the best coffees for cold brew?
How to make French Press Cold Brew coffee
How fine is the grind? Medium-fine or medium-coarse?
It's Blend Month!
How to make French press coffee
photo of red bialetti moke pot
The Complete Guide to Making Stovetop Coffee
Want to make amazing stove top espresso? Learn the tricks and tools you need to have with this ultimate brew guide for the moka pot!
Brew Guide for the Kalita Wave Pourover Cone
What’s the right grind size for our coffee tastings? 
Do we have any low acid coffees?
Black History Month 2023
Join us for a Special Virtual Tasting!
Women’s History Month 2023
A Brand New Look
Our Black Coffee History Month Recommendations: Reading, Watching & Listening
Women's History Month



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