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Coffee Magic

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Coffee Magic Slots

Slot games can take players on fantastic virtual journeys, or sometimes hit right home and bring about a new perspective onto very mundane objects.

Coffee Magic clearly belongs to the second category. This video slot game from Casino Technology focuses on one of the most preferred beverages around the world, known for its ability to get people up and running from early morning on. And players will certainly need to stay share if they hope to win the jackpot.

Learn more about Coffee Magic and get the best start possible on the reels thanks to our complete review of the game.

Rise and Shine

Coffee Magic is a quite original game with a theme not commonly associated with the slot game universe. As such, everything looks quite new when you take a look around.

The basic layout of Coffee Magic is classic, with massive reels in the center and a command bar at the bottom. The large reel symbols have a cartoon-inspired design with plenty of white and brown. The top of the screen leaves just enough space to show a giant coffee mug filled to the brim with the deep black liquid.

Coffee Magic is betting on originality, and after a few minutes you probably are wondering how the game actually works. Let’s cover that in our next section.

Milk or Sugar?

The basic rules of Coffee Magic are very similar to plenty of other real money slot games. All you need to do is take a look at the command buttons under the reels to get a decent idea of what you are supposed to do next.

The game matrix features 5 reels and a maximum of 21 pay lines, on which symbol combinations have to land in order to trigger cash rewards. Start by picking a coin denomination and a wager before activating as many pay lines as you wish for the next turn. Each win in Coffee Magic also triggers an optional mini game, where you can double each pay out by guessing correctly the colour of a hidden card. Try guessing its suit and you might even quadruple your final reward.

All the rewards available in Coffee Magic depend on the symbol combinations themselves and the size of your current wager. Try betting a bit more to increase your future pay outs, or go all-in with the max bet shortcut if you are feeling lucky. As always, you can always activate the auto play game mode to place your wager on several spins in a row with a single click of your mouse.

Perfect Breakfast Ahead

Coffee Magic is the best way to start your day, and the pay table of the game reflect that fact quite clearly. All the rewards that we will list here are based on a one-coin bet on the reels of the game.

The Jack, Queen, King and Ace are classic card icons that make up most of the reel positions of Coffee Magic. Your rewards will range from 5 to 150 credits with them.

The sugar, coffee pot, coffee mug, biscuits and coffee-drinking woman make up the rest of the basic pay table. Try to aim for these symbols, most of which also accepting short combinations of 2 icons as well. The largest pay out available so far is 5,000 credits.

Organic and Fair-Trade, if Possible

Coffee Magic, just like most modern slot games, has more to offer than regular reel symbols. Stay sharp and you might trigger something a little special as you spin the reels.

The coffee bean symbol is first and foremost a wild card in the game. As such, it can replace any other symbol on the reels and trigger some extra wins in the process.

Besides, 3 or more coffee beans on a pay line can also trigger big wins going up to 4200 credits and a bonus round of 10 free games. At the start of the bonus, you can pick a symbol to turn it into an expanding wild for the entire duration of the game. New coffee beans will pay back your wager every time they appear, and even trigger more free games if you are lucky enough.

The Best Way to Start the Day

Coffee Magic is a rather unique slot game that still sticks to classic rules and bonuses despite its original Canadian theme.

Whether you consider yourself more of a tea or a coffee person, Coffee Magic has good arguments and provides players with big wins right from the start. The bonus game is also quite generous, especially given the fact that you can prolong it with a little luck.

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