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Getting Hitched? Give the Gift of Coffee

By 06/27/2017Coffee cademy, Gifts

When planning a wedding, there’s a lot of decisions to make. Deciding what to give as wedding favors is a seemingly simple decision, but finding the perfect gift often is more challenging than it appears. The ideal wedding gift is popular, easily packaged, convenient and fits with your wedding theme. We at Driftaway Coffee would like to suggest coffee as something that meets all these criteria.

Coffee is a Popular Gift

Of the many different things you might give as wedding favors, coffee is one of the most popular. Not only is it popular, but it’s something that people will actually use. Unlike a gigas that will gather dust and eventually be discarded, coffee will be brewed and enjoyed.

Even guests who don’t normally drink coffee will still appreciate receiving coffee as a favor. It can be incorporated into mocha chip cookies, homemade coffee ice cream, tiramisu and many other sweets that lots of non-coffee drinkers enjoy.

For those who don’t don’t like the taste of coffee even in baked goods, keeping a wedding favor-sized sample of coffee on hand is perfect for when friends come over. It’s just enough to brew a pot for some friends without keeping an inordinate amount on hand.

Coffee is Easily Packaged

Offering coffee in sample-size bags is one of the less labor-intensive favors you could offer. All you need to do is weigh a pound of coffee out into 50-gram samples, put those samples in bags, seal the bags and attach a label. You’ll have a great gift that didn’t take long to make yet has a personal touch.

Coffee is a Convenient Gift

Should you not want to go through the trouble of packing dozens (or hundreds) of wedding favors, there’s an even more convenient way to give coffee as wedding favors. Simply have favors shipped directly to your guests.

At Driftaway Coffee, we’re happy to mail coffee wedding favors to your guests for you. All you need to do is supply us with a guest and address list (which is easy after sending out invitations), pick the coffee(s) you want and then let your guests know they’ll be receiving a favor in the mail. Including a note about the favor on your table cards keeps tables clear of clutter, and shipping favors directly to guests ensures that everyone’s favor makes it home. You won’t have to worry about people grabbing multiple favors, forgetting theirs or losing it during a flight.

We’ll even be happy to ship the favors right after your wedding date, so your guests will receive freshly roasted coffee right about the time they get home. Just let us know when you’d like the favors mailed out.

Coffee Favors Can Match Your Theme

Regardless of whether you go with hand-packaged favors or cards that indicate favors will be mailed, it’s easy to match coffee wedding favors to any theme. Labels on packages can be printed in your wedding colors, and almost any color looks great against the dark background of coffee beans. Alternatively, cards and be printed in your wedding colors, and the text on them can match that of your invitations.

Get Coffee for Your Wedding

If you’d like to give out coffee as wedding favors, let us supply you with freshly roasted (and delicious) coffee. You can either order online — we offer discounts for ordering 2 pounds at a time — or you can contact us to discuss a larger order. We’ll be happy to help you select coffee(s) to give, determine when they should be roasted and arrange shipping details.

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