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3 tips to make better coffee using an auto-drip machine

Auto drip machines are the most common method for brewing coffee in the US. It’s so common that the machines are themselves known as coffee makers (as if no other type of coffee maker exists!).

Autodrip-1While the auto-drip method allows for limited control and therefore doesn’t allow for the best brew, it cannot be ignored because of the ease of using it.

Here are some tips for brewing good coffee with an auto drip –

1. Clean your equipment often – lots of people use the carafe over and over again with just a rinse and this causes different brews to mix in taste, thus losing the original and authentic taste of your most recent brew. Make sure you clean it thoroughly and clean it often.

2. Measurements are important – ground coffee to water ratio is one of the most important things to control while brewing coffee. Be sure to check this for the specific coffee you are using. Most people use lesser coffee than they actually need. Between 1:16 and 1:18 is a good coffee:water ratio.

3. Carafe on hot plate is a no-no-no – do not leave the carafe on the hot plate after the coffee has completed brewing. While this may seem like a convenient way to keep the coffee hot, in reality it starts to burn the coffee at the bottom, giving it a bitter taste that is unpleasant. Many people get used to this taste and expect it, but it’s not meant to this be this way. Instead of leaving it on the hot plate, time the brew so that you are ready to drink when it finishes. If not, then take it off the hot plate and keep it aside.

Happy brewing!

Author Sarfraz Latif

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