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A Brand New Look

By 11/15/2023Other

Starting this week, as you get your coffees, you'll notice that they look a little different than what you've been used to. For the past few months, we have been working very hard on refreshing our branding to better reflect our spirit and our values. For this, we partnered with the extremely talented Lisa McCormick, who has illustrated and designed the beautiful new packaging, and we couldn't be more excited to share the new packaging with you!

We have obsessed over each and every detail, so here's a look at how we chose the colors and illustrations you see!

1. FUN, BOLD & BRIGHT- For far too long, specialty coffee has had a reputation of being intimidating and pretentious. And this is reflected in the stark, minimalistic and muted branding common in third wave coffee branding. But this isn't Driftaway, or how we feel about coffee! If you've been to any of our coffee tastings, you have seen that first-hand! Though we take sourcing and roasting coffee seriously, we strongly believe you should drink the coffee you love, without any rules (add milk! add sugar! you do you!). In this new phase of Driftaway, we've gone colorful and maximalist! We've got bright colors, and a playful set of illustrations to keep coffee not so serious!


2. INSPIRED BY COFFEE FARMS - From the colors on the packaging, to the illustrations of the foliage, we've tried to capture the spirit of coffee farms in the packagingThe colors are inspired by where coffee is grown: green for the leaves of coffee plants, yellow, red & orange for all the different shades of coffee cherries, and blue for the sky. The foliage you see - these are drawn from actual photos of regenerative coffee farms!


3. ALL THE HANDS THAT GO INTO COFFEE - The new designs continue to celebrate everyone in the story of coffee - all the way from growing it to drinking it. Alongside familiar coffee tools you use at home like a french press, you'll see tools used by farmers and coffee producers - wheel barrows, baskets and more. There really is so much that goes into every cup of coffee!


4. COMPOSTABLE, PLASTIC-FREE & IMPROVED: Some things haven't changed. We remain committed to compostable, plastic-free packaging - what we leave behind matters! We have switched suppliers so the new bags are stronger, and we are also shipping in boxes to better protect the bags.


We couldn't be able to do any of this without you, so we are beyond grateful for your support over the years!

We would love to see the new packaging in your homes and offices! Tag us @driftawaycoffee on Instagram ❤️

Any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to share. Just email us [email protected]!

Yours in coffee,
Anu & Suyog

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