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Best Coffee Gifts Under $50

By 11/21/2015Coffee cademy, Gifts

While finding the perfect gift for certain people can be difficult, finding a present for a coffee enthusiast is easy — even on a budget. In our previous post on gifts for coffee beginners, had several suggestions that were under $50: a Krups coffee grinder, Chemex and Aeropress coffee makers, a Hario scale and two books. Here are some more unique gift ideas for coffee lovers that also fall under $50.

The World Atlas of Coffee

The World Atlas of Coffee is an excellent book for any coffee enthusiast, regardless of their expertise and experience. It features maps of growing regions around the world and insights into different countries. There are also some useful brewing suggestions.

If your recipient is is passionate about coffee from a specific country, The History of Coffee in Guatemala (over $50) and Cafe De El Salvador, Land of Coffee are both excellent books on coffee from those respective countries.

A Handmade Wooden Coffee Scoop

Coffee is art, and these handmade wooden coffee scoops transform an otherwise unremarkable coffee scoop into a work of art. We still recommend weighing out coffee when brewing to ensure the coffee-to-water ratio remains correct, but beans need to be scooped onto a scale. These scoops feature layered black walnut, cherry, oak and maple. They aren’t the only beautiful coffee scoops available, but we like them a lot.

A Coffee Tree

Almost no coffee enthusiasts have a coffee tree, and you can find them for under $20. Growing a coffee tree in the U.S., even indoors, isn’t easy, and the tree might not survive long enough to produce cherries. Your recipient will have fun trying to look after it, though, and few people in the U.S. ever see a coffee tree firsthand.

You can find several coffee trees for sale on Amazon, but we prefer the Dwarf Pacas Coffee Tree from Gurney’s. It only grows to 4 feet tall and will produce cherries if cared for properly. Additionally, Gurney’s is a well-respected nursery known for providing healthy plants.

Canadiano Pour-Over

Canadiano’s striking pour-overs are made from wood, which is selected for a specific roast level. For instance, the Cherry Edition is recommended for medium and dark roasts, the Walnut Edition is recommended for dark roasts with earthy and nutty notes, and the White Ash Edition is recommended for light and medium roasts.

Most of Canadiano’s pour-overs are just below $50, although a few are slightly more than $50. If your recipient prefers a specific roast level, get them an appropriate wood pour-over. If you’re looking to save some money, consider a “rough batch” selection. They’re cheaper seconds and prototypes.

A Coffee Subscription

Great coffee is always a good idea for anyone who loves coffee. If your recipient wouldn’t normally purchase a coffee subscription for themselves, that may be the best present of all. We offer several subscription options that will introduce them to new coffees and start at just $47 for two months of coffee.

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