“Give your coffee connoisseur a personal and unique experience with a subscription for freshly roasted coffee that’s rooted in sustainability and social consciousness. All curated, fair-trade Driftaway coffees include the stories of the farmers and have flavor profiles that make each sip wholly satisfying.”

“The folks at Driftaway make the coffee subscription service all about you. The subscription starts with the delivery of a tasting kit that allows you to test out four different roasts, then rate them. That helps you begin building a taste profile, which Driftaway will then use as a jumping off point to curate shipments catered specifically to you. As you continue getting shipments (notably, all beans are sourced from small farms, which are vetted for sustainability practices and more), you’ll be able to regularly update your taste profile, which will help the team tailor your subsequent selections even better, so they’re always something you’ll enjoy.”

“If coffee is his beverage of choice, consider gifting him a subscription to a sustainable, small-scale coffee roastery. Driftaway is a specialty coffee company that aims to make the source of its coffee completely transparent, down to wages, sourcing and more. The brand also uses 100% compostable packaging made from renewable plant-based materials. And, before you worry about the impact of shipping and operations, the brand also keeps its carbon footprint low by offsetting emissions.”

“Perhaps most notably, your feedback can be passed on to the coffee farmers themselves. Finally, in case you wanted to feel even more satisfied with your subscription, 5 cents on every pound is donated to coffee’s future sustainability.”

“Think of this curated, fair-trade subscription as the gold-monogrammed stationary set of the coffee snob world.”

“If a coffee service that will do all the legwork of catering to your taste buds for you sounds good, you might want to give Driftaway Coffee a chance.”

“We’re particularly excited about Driftaway Coffee, whose personalized boxes connect you with farmers from all over the world (and you can even send them thank-you messages!).”

“Innovative Brooklyn, New York-based brand Driftaway Coffee is redefining how consumers discover and experience lesser-known single-origin coffees through its personalized monthly coffee subscription service.”

“Driftaway Coffee is an ethically sourced coffee subscription box. The whole experience is far and beyond better than roaming the Keurig aisle at the grocery store.”

“Driftaway coffee is the perfect gift for any coffee connoisseur, especially those who like to know the unique story behind their morning brew.”

“I was recently introduced to Driftaway Coffee after trying out a 4-pack sample of its roasts, and was not disappointed. I’m a self-certified coffee snob, and these coffees were rich, bold and flavorful in every sense of the word.”

“With Driftaway Coffee, you’ll get a personalized fresh roasted coffee subscription box that connects you to your coffee farmer, all while contributing to their livelihoods.”

“As the coffee industry is generally lacking in transparency, it’s refreshing that Driftaway has been trying to establish a more open channel of communication between coffee farmers and end users.”

“The single origin coffee beans are shipped six hours from roasting and every coffee comes with the story of the grower. Such a special touch that is also very interesting and educational.”

“The coffee beans in each Driftaway box are roasted within 6 hours of being shipped, and that’s a level of freshness you can definitely taste, as this is some of the best coffee we have ever prepared at home.”




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Customer Reviews

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Driftaway’s coffee subscription intends to let your taste buds travel to where your coffee is from. It sends a wide variety of high-quality coffees from all over the coffee-growing regions. The quality of the coffee is outstanding because Driftaway has such a great relationship with the farmers that grow their coffee. This subscription also has great resources for its customers. You can speak directly with the farmers who grow the coffee you’re receiving, and you can find extra information about the coffees you’re trying or the company itself on its website. Amanda T
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When a pair of London transplants failed to find a cup of coffee in Brooklyn that was up to their standards, they started roasting their own. Before long, Suyog Mody and his wife, Anu Menon, started Driftaway Coffee a convenient, subscription model coffee service. The company offers four unique options, and, after customers sample coffees to determine what suits them best, they customize their plans. As Driftaway Coffee’s reputation grows, it continues to develop relationships with coffee growers to foster a culture of sustainability. Hayley Matthews
Product image
Delicious coffee from @driftawaycafecoffee thanks @atradloff
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Finally able to use my awesome birthday gift from my cousin Courtney!! It’s only been two weeks. 🙄 I made this month’s Driftaway “bold” selection and it is phenomenal!! I love all the different ways I can brew coffee. This #chemex is so fun to use. It’s take a little longer but it is so worth the wait. Freshly ground beans, boiling water & a little patience goes a long way to a fantastic cup of coffee! I’m in love!! @debbiejones1459
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Product image
New beans, who dis? #driftawaycoffee @charliekwalker
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Felicidá en granos @lacoachdearte