“Perhaps most notably, your feedback can be passed on to the coffee farmers themselves. Finally, in case you wanted to feel even more satisfied with your subscription, 5 cents on every pound is donated to coffee’s future sustainability.”

“Think of this curated, fair-trade subscription as the gold-monogrammed stationary set of the coffee snob world.”

“If a coffee service that will do all the legwork of catering to your taste buds for you sounds good, you might want to give Driftaway Coffee a chance.”

“We’re particularly excited about Driftaway Coffee, whose personalized boxes connect you with farmers from all over the world (and you can even send them thank-you messages!).”

“Innovative Brooklyn, New York-based brand Driftaway Coffee is redefining how consumers discover and experience lesser-known single-origin coffees through its personalized monthly coffee subscription service.”

“Driftaway Coffee is an ethically sourced coffee subscription box. The whole experience is far and beyond better than roaming the Keurig aisle at the grocery store.”

“Driftaway coffee is the perfect gift for any coffee connoisseur, especially those who like to know the unique story behind their morning brew.”

“I was recently introduced to Driftaway Coffee after trying out a 4-pack sample of its roasts, and was not disappointed. I’m a self-certified coffee snob, and these coffees were rich, bold and flavorful in every sense of the word.”

“With Driftaway Coffee, you’ll get a personalized fresh roasted coffee subscription box that connects you to your coffee farmer, all while contributing to their livelihoods.”

“As the coffee industry is generally lacking in transparency, it’s refreshing that Driftaway has been trying to establish a more open channel of communication between coffee farmers and end users.”

“The single origin coffee beans are shipped six hours from roasting and every coffee comes with the story of the grower. Such a special touch that is also very interesting and educational.”

“The coffee beans in each Driftaway box are roasted within 6 hours of being shipped, and that’s a level of freshness you can definitely taste, as this is some of the best coffee we have ever prepared at home.”




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Customer Reviews

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Some evening joe. Trying out a new personalized coffee subscription from @driftawaycoffee @gothamwerx
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Hercules! Hercules! I feel like I want to drink all these right now, but I’m also afraid that that would be a bad idea... @blake.a.rutledge
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Diving in to some new coffee this morning! Received this awesome @driftawaycoffee assortment in the mail, with freshly roasted beans stemming from Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Tanzania. Kicking things off with the Brazil on my @hariov60. Thanks to my colleague and friend @mikey_abante for the cool gift and caffeine! 🙌☕️ @jesserobertscott
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It’s a slow drip coffee kind of day @mom2maxnlorelei
You can never go wrong starting your morning with a fresh brew from @driftawaycoffee !The rewards @teambixy has will make your morning even better! @teambixy
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Another fresh batch from @driftawaycoffee. Looking forward to some orange, cherry, almond notes! @coffeecamisado
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Can’t wait to evaluate these! A story behind every cup. AHHHH @duhnnisantiago