The Essential Pourover Accessories: A Gooseneck Kettle, A Scale and Coffee

What Are the Essential Pour-Over Accessories?

Pour-overs give you complete control over the brewing process, letting you make coffee with a level of precision that few other brew methods afford. In order to take full advantage of the adjustability of pour-overs, however, you need a couple of accessories. Without a gooseneck kettle and scale, it’ll be difficult to make small adjustments with any consistency.

A Gooseneck Kettle Provides Pouring Precision

A gooseneck kettle is defined by the shape of its spout, which looks like a goose’s neck. The gooseneck-shaped spout lets you pour water precisely where you want it at a consistent rate, which is important when brewing with a manual pour-over. Not only do you need to pour water evenly over all of the grounds, but many people have a preferred pouring pattern.

(The precise pattern is often tailored to the specific manual pour over, but it generally involves a combination of making concentric circles and pouring right in the middle of the grounds.)

We’ve previously written on three gooseneck models we love, which are the:

  • Bonavita Kettle with Temperature Display
  • Hario Kettle with Heating Element
  • Kalita Wave Pot

Both the Bonavita and Hario kettles have their own heating element, which is convenient.

More importantly, the Bonavita model also has a temperature display. It’s possible to get water between the ideal brewing temperature of 195 to 205°F without a temperature display. You just need to boil the water and let it cool for about 30 seconds. Having a temperature display, however, provides another level of precision.

A Scale Provides Dosing Precision

A coffee scale lets you weigh out the amount of coffee you use to the nearest gram, or possibly to the nearest tenth of a gram.

Weighing will let you control your coffee-to-water ratio with a precision that coffee scoops can’t afford. Because coffees vary in density, measuring out your grounds by gram rather than tablespoon is more accurate.

You’ll also be able to weigh out the water you use when pouring. With manual pour-overs, it can be difficult to visually judge how much water you’re using. A scale will eliminate any uncertainty.

We’ve also previously written on three scales we recommend. Our top choices are the:

  • Jennings CJ4000 Digital Scale
  • Hario Coffee Drip Scale and Timer
  • Acaia’s Pearl

A Subscription Provides Roasting Precision

In addition to a gooseneck kettle and a scale, you’ll also need to always have freshly roasted coffee on hand. To make sure you don’t run out, sign up for our subscription. Every two weeks, we’ll send you coffee that’s freshly roasted to your preferred roasting profile.

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