Auto-Drip Buying Guide: Behmor, MoccaMaster and BonaVita

Which Auto-Drip Machine Should I Buy?

Since the first automatic coffee maker was invented in 1972 by Mr. Coffee, these brewers have improved immensely. Today, there are several models that deliver quality brews and provide the convenience of an auto-drip. Here’s a look at three of the best auto-drip machines on the market, the Behmor Brazen Plus, the Technivorm MoccaMaster 741 and the BonaVita 1900TS.

The Behmor Brazen Plus Gives You Convenient Control

The Behmor Brazen Plus is for coffee geeks who don’t have time to brew individual manual pour-overs for all their guests.

This auto-drip lets you control the brew temperature, total brew time and water saturation time, among other factors. There’s even an elevation setting for coffee nerds in Colorado. The brew timer is helpful if you’re hosting a dinner party and want coffee ready right after dinner, but we still recommend grinding coffee immediately before brewing.

The main downside of the Behmor Brazen Plus is its plus size. The auto-drip machine is especially tall, and you need to access the top of it when brewing. It won’t fit below an overhead cupboard.

The Technivorm MoccaMaster is an Auto-Drip with a Manual Feel

The Technivorm MoccaMaster 741 is perfect for people who want a more hands-on brewing experience.

This is definitely an auto-drip machine, but the MoccaMaster gives you plenty of opportunities to get involved in the brewing process. You can pre-infuse grounds, control the water temperature, and even start and stop the flow of water with a built-in manual drip-stop.

The MoccaMaster is also known for its reliability. While all three of these auto-drip machines will serve you well, Technivorm is especially known for building coffee makers that last a long, long time. This machine also has the best carafe of all three of these models. The carafe is easy to clean and well insulated.

If you’re unable to be somewhat involved in the brewing process, you may want a different auto-drip machine. The Technivorm MoccaMaster brews coffee best when there is some manual intervention.

The BonaVita 1900TS

The BonaVita 1900TS is a solid auto-drip machine at a slightly lower price point.

With BonaVita’s automatic coffee maker, you can make coffee with the single press of a button. (The MoccaMaster also has a one-button brewing option, but it’s not at its best in this mode.) If you want to pre-infuse the grounds, there’s a setting to do so. This setting, however, isn’t as customizable as the others’ options.

The BonaVita 1900TS isn’t as sturdy as the other two automatic coffee makers, and its carafe isn’t as well insulated. This still is, however, a good choice for anyone who wants a great auto-drip machine and is on a budget.

Our Fresh Coffee

If you’re investing in a high-end auto-drip machine, make sure you have great coffee to brew in it. Sign up for one of our subscriptions, and we’ll send you freshly roasted beans regularly to use in your new coffee maker.


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