Coffee Habits of Presidential Primary Candidates

Coffee Habits of Presidential Primary Candidates

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Many of us look to coffee for a little extra pick-up on long days, so it’s not surprising that many presidential candidates to do the same when they’re on the long, taxing campaign trail. Just as we have our favorite ways of doctoring up a brew, so do many of the candidates. Here’s a look at how the leading candidates answer the all-important question: “Cream and sugar?”

Bernie Sanders: “With Some Cream”

As a senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders likes to show his support for the dairy industry when he orders a cup of joe. He takes his coffee “with some cream.” Since he’s undoubtedly had plenty of fresh half-and-half from dairy farms in his state, it’s not surprising that Sanders prefers cream — no skim milk for him.

Hillary Clinton: “Sometimes Black, Sometimes with Cream or Milk”

Although Hillary Clinton has represented the State of New York, another state with a significant dairy industry, she has much less allegiance to cream than Sanders. When asked about her preferred way to drink coffee, Clinton responded, “Sometimes black, sometimes with cream or milk.”

Rubio: “Black. It makes life a lot easier.”

Marco Rubio likes to keep his coffee simple. When asked how he likes to drink coffee, he responded, “Black. It makes life a lot easier.”

Don’t mistake Rubio’s simple coffee order as a sign of weakness, though. From Miami, he loves Cuban coffee without milk or sugar — and strong. Alex Conant, Rubio’s communications director, commented that when it came to the candidate’s coffee, “the stronger the better.”

Ted Cruz: “With Lots of Cream” in the Morning

Ted Cruz is also a fan of Cuban coffee, thanks largely to his father’s influence. Cruz explains, “With lots of cream, and being Cuban, we often prefer café con leche.”

Although he loves café con leche, he remains loyal to his Tea Party supporters. Catherine Frazier, his press secretary, explains that Cruz likes coffee in the morning, but he drinks tea in the afternoon.

Donald Trump: Abstains from Coffee

Donald Trump abstains from caffeine (as well as alcohol). Tragically, Trump’s older brother, Fred Trump, struggled with alcoholism and smoking, and passed away. Because of his brother’s struggles, Donald Trump has never touched alcohol, and won’t even drink a cup of coffee. We’re sad to know Trump won’t ever try our coffee, but we certainly understand and appreciate why.

We hope people won’t decide their vote based on which presidential candidate’s coffee order is most like theirs, but it’s fun to get a glimpse into their daily habits. It’s a little reminder that they’re people, just like all of us who aren’t running for office.

Send Them Some Coffee

Thus far, press coverage of the presidential candidates’ coffee preferences have focused on cream and sugar, but we’d love to find out which flavors and roast profiles each of them prefers. If you have a candidate you like and want to support, why not send them some of our coffee? Who knows, perhaps they’ll try it and discover a new, great region or roast they like. At the very least, a volunteer will greatly appreciate your donation.

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