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What are Single-Origin Coffees?

Single-origin coffees aren’t actually named all that creatively. They’re coffees from one place – a single origin. Unlike blends, single-origin coffees let you fully appreciate a specific origin’s characteristics.

Single-Origin Coffees are From One Place

Single-origin coffees are from one place, but there’s no agreement on how large or small the area can be. For instance, single-origin may indicate one:

  • region, such as the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia
  • co-op or mill, such as the Gitesi Washing Station in Rwanda
  • farm, such as the Finca Buenos Aires estate in Nicaragua
  • lot within a farm
  • micro-lot from a farm

(A micro-lot is a small plot of land with unique conditions that is specially cared for by the people farming it.)

Know Where Your Coffee Comes From

At Driftaway Coffee, we love single-origin coffees; all of our coffees are single-origins. We think knowing where your coffee comes from and being confident the producer was paid fairly and quickly is even more important, though. That’s why we not only strive to roast great coffees, but we also include stories about the farmers and producers who grow and process the coffees we purchase. We respect them as much as we respect you, and we want you to feel connected with them.

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