Tips for Auto Drip Coffee Machine

6 Tips for Auto-Drips

Mr. Coffee revolutionized the coffee-drinking world with the first auto-drip coffee maker. Before the auto-drip coffee maker, many people were brewing their coffee with percolators or, if you can believe it, using instant coffee. Since 1972, when the first Mr. Coffee drip machine debuted, drip coffee makers have been one of the most popular ways to make coffee. Here are six tips for using them, so you can get a great cup of coffee from your auto-drip.

1. Use a Medium Grind

Drip coffee makers work best with a medium grind. The ideal grind setting differs slightly. For instance, cone-shaped filters work best with a slightly finer grind than flat-bottom filters. All auto-drips use some variation of a medium grind, though.

2. Always Brew a Full Pot

Auto-drip machines are designed to brew a full pot of coffee. Both the water reservoir and brew basket are designed to accommodate the auto-drip’s maximum capacity, and when less coffee is brewed the machine doesn’t work as well.If you aren’t able to drink all the coffee that your machine brews, consider looking for a different, smaller auto-drip.

3. Don’t Setup Coffee Early

As nice as it is to roll out of bed to an already brewed cup of coffee, setting up your coffee at night produces a flatter-tasting cup. Coffee’s nuanced flavors come from aromatics that are released during grinding, but the aromatics dissipate quickly. For the most flavorful cup, you should use beans that were ground within 15 or 20 minutes of brewing, not the night before.

4. Don’t Leave Your Auto-Drip On

After brewing, your auto-drip should be turned off. It’s hot plate may keep your coffee warm, but it also burns the coffee. A thermal carafe will keep your coffee just as warm without burning it.

5. Clean Your Coffee Pot

The coffee pot, itself, should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning it every two weeks will keep old coffee and grounds that are stuck in the pot from imparting your brews with unwanted flavors. (If you’re on our solo or doppio plan, which ships every two weeks, you could clean your coffee pot every time you receive coffee from us. That way, your pot will be fresh and clean, allowing you to fully appreciate the new coffee.)

6. Let the Water Warm Up

Some auto-drips don’t wait for the water to warm up before they start brewing coffee. If yours begins the brew process as soon as you press “start,” plug your machine in early to let the water reservoir heat up first.

We hope these six tips will help you appreciate each coffee you try. Auto-drips can brew good coffees, but they need to be used correctly.

Author Scott

Scott is a professional writer for Driftaway Coffee. He worked as a barista for eight years, but today prefers to enjoy his beverages from the other side of the counter. When not drinking Driftaway Coffee, Scott usually has a mug of his own roasted coffee nearby.

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