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French Press Coffee Ratio

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The coffee-to-water ratio used when brewing coffee is an integral aspect of all brewing processes, for how much coffee and water are used directly affect extraction. There are guidelines on what ratios generally work well, but to get the best extraction the exact ratio should be based on the particular…

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French Press Sizes

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When selecting a French press, there are several factors to take into account. In Which French Press Should I Buy?, we’ve previously discussed the different materials used for carafes and what to look for in a plunger. Here’s an in-depth guide on the different sizes that French presses come in….

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Chemex Ratio

By | Brewing Guide, Coffee cademy | No Comments

The amount of coffee and water used is an important part of any coffee-brewing process, for the ratio of coffee to water directly impacts extraction. While there are general guidelines that work across most brewing methods, the best extraction comes when the coffee-to-water ratio is specifically adapted for a particular…

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