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Make Mom a Coffee Connoisseur

By 05/14/2017Coffee cademy, Gifts

The world of coffee is a vast area that’s rich for exploration, and almost everyone who drinks the beverage enjoys learning more about it. Novice coffee drinkers often remember their first sip of specialty coffee, and even roasters with years of experience can still learn more about the beans they love.

This Mother’s Day, why not help Mom learn more about coffee? After all, she might as well enjoy the beverage if she drinks it every day. At Driftaway Coffee, we have just the right setup to help Mom become a coffee connoisseur no matter where she currently is in her coffee journey. Here’s how we can help Mom learn more about coffee.

We Offer Four Roast Profiles to Try

We start by sending a coffee explorer kit that contains four different coffees. These coffees represent our four different roast profiles, which range from light to medium-dark:

  • the #1 Fruity Profile, our lightest roast, showcases origin characteristics the most
  • the #2 Classic Profile is a light-medium roast that replicates classic coffees’ tastes
  • the #3 Balanced Profile is a light-medium roast that balances origin characteristics with roast flavors and body
  • the #4 Bold Roast, our darkest roast (although it’s actually medium-dark), features lots of roast flavors and body

With this introduction to our four roast profiles, Mom will have a chance to truly compare different roasts. She’ll have a chance to see firsthand how roast influences flavor and body, and we’ll gladly tailor future shipments to her preferences.

We Have Lots of Notes on Each of Our Coffees

To further enhance the coffee-drinking experience and help people better understand our coffees, we include a variety of information about each of our offerings. With each coffee, Mom will be able to find out:

  • the name of the coffee
  • the coffee’s tasting notes
  • the roast level used
  • where the coffee is from
  • who grew or processed the coffee
  • how the coffee was processed
  • what varietals the coffee is comprised of
  • other information about the coffee

This information is included both on our website and on a postcard that’s included with each coffee, so Mom won’t have any trouble finding it.

Most people first begin by reading the tasting notes, as these are easy to identify in each brewed cup. Soon, though, Mom will be familiar with different countries and regions, processing methods and varietals. The next time you go to a cafe with her, she might not request a “6-pump vanilla small latte with whipped cream.” Instead, she may ask whether the espresso is from Central America or Africa, and how it was processed.

Give Mom the Gift of Coffee for Mother’s Day

If Mom regularly drinks this dark, caffeinated beverage, give her the gift of coffee on Mother’s Day. Don’t just send her a bag of tasty coffee that’s she’ll enjoy for a week, or maybe two. Instead, sign her up for one of our subscriptions. She’ll receive freshly roasted coffee regularly, and she’ll get to know the work of coffee better than she ever has. You won’t just be sending her coffee for a few weeks or months. You’ll be opening her senses up to all that coffee has to offer.

Author Scott

Scott is a professional writer for Driftaway Coffee. He worked as a barista for eight years, but today prefers to enjoy his beverages from the other side of the counter. When not drinking Driftaway Coffee, Scott usually has a mug of his own roasted coffee nearby.

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