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Top Gifts for the Coffee Connoisseur

By 11/19/2015Coffee cademy, Gifts

Every coffee connoisseur has a wishlist of items, from high-end espresso machines to coffee-drinking accessories, that they’d like to own. If you have the budget, the holidays are the perfect time of year to give a someone who’s truly passionate about coffee a special gift they wouldn’t normally buy. Here are some items that are on our wishlist. Perhaps one of these would be a good present for someone on your list this holiday season.

ROK Manual Espresso Machine

The ROK Manual Espresso Machine won’t be right for everyone, but it’s a unique espresso maker that caught our eye. It’s an entirely non-electric, manually operated espresso maker. To create the pressure necessary for brewing espresso, you push down on two arms.

According to the manufacturer, you can generate between 5 and 9 bars of consistent pressure (which is more important than maximum pressure). This range won’t produce a big body or lots of crema, but it will bring out fruity and floral notes. When used with African coffees, it should create some wild and exotic espressos.

(Here’s a more complete guide to espresso and espresso machines.)

Coffee Classes

Few people will purchase a coffee class for themselves, but anyone who wants to learn more about coffee would love a class. Many local coffee shops and roasters offer classes on topics that range from brewing techniques to sourcing coffee. Talk with coffee shops in your area to find out who offers classes or would be willing to schedule a one-on-one lesson.

Coffee Aroma Kit

Many of the notes in a coffee are actually aromas that people smell while drinking the coffee. The more accurately someone can identify the different aromas in a coffee, the more they’ll appreciate it.

Areomaster offers two coffee aroma kits, one with 12 and another with 24 aromas, that help connoisseurs refine their sense of smell. If you don’t want to spring for their kit, you could print out and laminate their taster’s flavor wheel, which provides a visual guide for describing a coffee.

Coffee Joulies

Coffee Joulies help coffee remain at a proper drinking temperatures. Once placed in a cup of hot coffee, they quickly cool it to 140°F — a reasonable drinking temperature. As the coffee cools, the joulies will release the heat they absorbed, helping to maintain a temperature of 140°F.

A Roaster and Green Beans

If the person you’re shopping for has expressed interest in roasting coffee, a roaster and green beans will let them explore roasting coffee. As with espresso machines, roasters are available at all different price levels. At Driftaway Coffee, we started with an old air popcorn popper. Green beans can be sourced online or from many local roasters.

A Coffee Subscription

Of course, a coffee subscription is always an appropriate gift for a coffee connoisseur. We offer several subscription options that you or your recipient can customize to their individual preferences.

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Scott is a professional writer for Driftaway Coffee. He worked as a barista for eight years, but today prefers to enjoy his beverages from the other side of the counter. When not drinking Driftaway Coffee, Scott usually has a mug of his own roasted coffee nearby.

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