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Don’t store your coffee in the fridge or freezer!

People that drink coffee at home infrequently or buy large quantities of coffee want to store coffee for a long time. And it ends up in the refrigerator! For vegetables and other food, cold temperatures stem growth and keeps things fresher for longer. In essence, their shelf life is extended.

For coffee, however, storing in the refrigerator is a bad idea. Coffee beans (and grounds) are  seeds and not plants or leaves of the coffee tree. When green coffee beans are roasted, they lose moisture and start to create sugar through caramelization. They are ready and willing to absorb water since they are low on moisture after roasting.

In the refrigerator, there is a lot of moisture (just open your fridge to find out!) and both whole bean and especially ground coffee will readily suck up that moisture. The process of making a cup of coffee is essentially started at that point and this means that when you use those beans or grounds that have been in the fridge, you are using stale and partially brewed coffee. Used coffee never produces a cup that you want to drink, and therefore, you should never store coffee in the fridge.

When it comes to the freezer, it’s still an open debate. Our recommendation is that nothing really beats freshly roasted coffee – and just keep it away from the three things that accelerate the staling process: exposure to oxygen, moisture & light. Our coffee bags are designed to store coffee well. Gently squeeze as much air out of the closed bag. The valve and zipper will prevent oxygen from entering the package.

Then store your bag in a cool, dark, dry place. Always use whole beans. Grind no more than 15 minutes before brewing.

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