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Coffee Gifts for Mother’s Day Under $100

By 05/08/2017Coffee cademy, Gifts

If Mom’s a coffee drinker, there are lots of potential Mother’s Day gifts to choose from. Here are some of our favorites that are priced below $100.

Krups Blade Coffee Grinder

If Mom doesn’t already have a burr coffee grinder, this may be the best piece of equipment you could get her. A blade grinder will produce a consistent grind for uniformity, and Mom will be able to grind her beans fresh so the coffee’s full flavor is captured in the brew. We especially like this Krups Blade Coffee Grinder (under $40).

Large French Press

Mom might already have a French press, but does she have one that’s capable of brewing coffee for eight people? Bodum’s Columbia Thermal Coffee Press (under $75) holds 51 ounces, so it’ll be easy to make a great pot for everyone who’s present on Mother’s Day. Should there be fewer than eight people, the press is double-walled to keep any leftover coffee warm.

Stagg Pour-Over Kettle

The Stagg Pour-Over Kettle ($69 – $99), which was funded on Kickstarter, is both beautiful and functional. It holds 1 liter of water, has a thermometer for precise temperature control, and comes in matte black, stainless steel and polished copper.

Coffee Subscription from Driftaway Coffee

A coffee subscription is always a welcome present, no matter how much or little equipment a coffee drinker has. With a subscription, Mom will enjoy getting freshly roasted coffee in her mailbox on an ongoing basis. All she has to do is open, grind, brew and savour.

At Driftaway Coffee, we offer a number of subscription options for all budgets. Set Mom up with a three-month subscription for as little as $39, or send her coffee for up to six months for less than $100. You choose the duration, frequency and amount, and Mom enjoys the coffee.

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