Title: The 3 Top Manual Coffee Grinders

The 3 High-End Hand Coffee Grinders

Manual coffee grinders aren’t right for everyone, but some coffee drinkers prefer to grind their beans by hand instead of with an automatic grinder. If you’re one of these people and want to have the best-tasting coffee possible, there are two manual coffee grinders that stand apart from the rest. In the States, the manufacturers of these coffee grinders aren’t as well-known as Hario or Porlex. The grinders that Peugeot and Zassenhaus make, however, are among the best in the world.

Peugeot Coffee Grinders Come with a Lifetime Warranty

Peugeot, a French company, has been making grinders since the early 1800s. Well known in culinary circles for their spice grinders (particularly their pepper grinder), their manual coffee grinders are equally good. Today, you might know Peugeot for the high-end cars the make. They bring the same level of precision to their coffee grinders.

All Peugeot coffee grinders come with a lifetime warranty for the grinding mechanism (the burrs). Many Peugeot grinders have lasted more than one lifetime. You can still find some from the 1800s that work perfectly well.

Peugeot offers several different manual coffee grinders. They all have the same grinding mechanism, but the exterior and hopper vary slightly.

Zassenhaus Coffee Grinders Are Made with German Precision

Zassenhaus, a German company, has also been making coffee grinders since the 1800s. They began in 1876 to be exact. In addition to coffee grinders, they also manufacture spice mills, kitchen accessories, knives and cutting boards.

Zassenhaus has built its reputation on German engineering. Its manual coffee grinders are made with exacting precision and high-quality curled steel. All grinders come with a 25-year warranty. Zassenhaus also offers a variety of hand coffee grinders.

Peugeot and Zassenhaus are often compared to each other, with some favoring one company and others the other. Peugeot often is often preferred, as their grinders come with a lifetime warranty and provide a marginally more consistent grind. The differences are small, though. You’ll be happy with either a Peugeot or Zassenhaus manual coffee grinder. The best way to decide between the two is by which one looks better in your kitchen.

Orphan Espresso Manual Coffee Grinders Have a Modern Look

Orphan Espresso is a husband-and-wife team in Idaho that has a passion for manual coffee grinders. They began their business by refurbishing Peugeot, Zassenhaus and a few other hand grinders. After years of working on these high-end grinders, the couple started designing their own.

Orphan Espresso has two lines of grinders, the Pharos and Lido. (There are several renditions of the Lido.) Both of these grinders are in the same class as the Peugeot and Zassenhaus models, although they have a more modern look than most Peugeot and Zassenhaus models.

Freshly Roasted Beans to Grind

If you’re investing in a high-end hand coffee grinder, make sure you have beans that are worthy of being ground in it. Let us send you a sample pack, so you can taste just how good freshly roasted coffee that’s ground in an excellent grinder can taste.

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