What we’ve been up to – November ’14 - Driftaway Coffee

What we’ve been up to – November ’14

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It has been a crazy busy time for Driftaway in the past few months. Both of us are now working full-time and full attention (can we just call it full life? :) ) on creating amazing coffee experience at home. Here are some things that we’ve been doing –

We just got a new office space! We’re moving in to a small studio at the Greenpoint Terminal Market, a space with a history of being used for making rope and no more than 2 or 3 decades ago, used to store goods like fabric, diamonds, gold and coffee! We’re told that you can still find coffee beans in the crevices and pipes – we’ll be sure to explore with a cup of coffee in hand :) Once we set it up a bit, we’ll be sure to share some pics!

Website updates – On the technical side, we’ve had quite a bit of catching up to do. We’ve switched to a new platform that allows all of you to do basic updates of address, credit card, switching plans etc – and we have a lot more planned! Some of our next features are to be able to rate and review coffees, pause or skip deliveries, and request extra shipments when you are running low. If you have ideas for what you’d like to see, please send them our way!

Roasting: Best way to stay warm in the Brooklyn winter? Stand a foot away from a 450 degree roaster! We’ve been roasting on a Diedrich 12kg and are also now using a much larger Loring roaster. Both roasters produce great coffee, and we’ve been very happy with how all coffees are cupping. Hope you have been enjoying them as well!

We spent last weekend caffeinating the Renegade Craft Fair at The Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. Truly inspired to be around such a great set of makers, artists and designers! And a fun way to start to bring in the holiday spirit!

Our 3-month gift subscription was picked to be at Story NYC‘s Home for the Holidays theme. We think Story is such a unique retail concept and we love the mix of products that are available there! If you are in the New York area for the holidays, be sure to stop by!

That’s it from us! Always eager to hear feedback, comments and questions!

Anu and Suyog,

Co-founders of Driftaway Coffee

Author Sarfraz Latif

Operations Associate Driftaway Coffee

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