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How to Get Mom Started With Better Coffee

By 05/12/2017Coffee cademy, Gifts

This Mother’s Day, why not get Mom started with better coffee? A good coffee setup is a practical and appreciated gift, and it can be as affordable or expensive as your budget allows. Here’s what getting Mom started on coffee for Mother’s Day would require.

A Coffee Maker That’s Easy to Use and Makes Good Coffee

Mom will first, of course, need a coffee maker. Addressing a person’s coffee ritual should only be done with trepidation, and you might not want to change how Mom makes her morning cup, If Mom’s unhappy with her coffee maker or it produces subpar brews, though, consider getting her a new coffee maker.

While there are lots of coffee makers to choose from, we’d suggest getting Mom either a French press, an Aeropress or an automatic drip brewer. All of these are extremely easy to use and can be cleaned quickly, and they all can produce good coffee. They also range in price from a few dollars for a French press or Aeropress to several hundred for a high-end automatic brewer.

A Grinder So She Can Grind Coffee Fresh

If Mom doesn’t already have one, the next item to get her is a burr grinder. A burr grinder will let her grind beans fresh every time she brews coffee, and it will produce a uniform grind that results in a great-tasting cup.

(Blade grinders, which produce inconsistent grinds, used to be popular but are inferior to burr grinders. If Mom says she already has a grinder, make sure it’s a burr model and not a blade one.)

Burr grinders typically run in the same price range as automatic coffee makers. Many models are available for less than $50, while some cost several hundred dollars.

A Resource for Using Her New Setup

A new coffee maker and grinder will likely come with instructions on how to use them, but we’ve all tried to follow instruction manuals before. In case Mom forgets how to use her coffee setup after you’ve shown her, let her know of a go-to resource she can consult. Having a place for her to look up the proper grind setting or brew time will ensure she’s drinking properly extracted coffee, and it may prevent a 5:00 a.m. phone call on the merits of medium-coarse grinds vs coarse grinds.

You may want to point her to a resource like CoffeeCademy, or you might simply want to leave some notes on how to use her specific setup.

Freshly Roasted Coffee for Maximum Enjoyment

The final piece to a new coffee setup is new coffee. Sign Mom up for a freshly roasted coffee subscription, so she’ll regularly have new and flavorful coffee to try. We at Driftaway Coffee offer a number of subscription options that will introduce Mom to several different profiles and let her choose the ones she likes best. Check out our subscription and gift packages to see which one’s right for Mom.

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