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UEG | Uganda Gibuzale

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UEG | UGANDA GIBUZALE PROFILE#4: Bold | Dark roast TASTING NOTES: Brown Sugar, Nutmeg, Toasted Marshmellow THE STORY BEHIND THIS COFFEE FARM Harvested Jan-Feb 2019 GREEN SELECTION Aug 2019 ROASTING Sep 15 to Oct 6 2019 QUALITY CONTROL 1 to 4 days after roasting PRODUCTION & SHIPPING Within 24 hours…

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Coffee Podcasts

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There are a number of coffee podcasts, several of which are excellent. At Driftaway Coffee, we’ve collected some of our favorites. Together, they discuss a wide range of topics related to coffee. Sweet Maria’s Coffee Sweet Maria’s is a green coffee supplier that has a wealth of online resources for…

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Caffeine Resets

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Anyone who drinks coffee on a regular basis will notice the effects that skipping their regular cup has when they don’t get coffee. Some people only feel a little fatigue, while others have splitting headaches and are downright miserable. Whatever the severity, many coffee drinkers turn to caffeine resets —…

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