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@driftawaycoffee sent their Coffee Explorer Box for me to try and to share with you! I’m not going to reveal the contents in the envelope because I don’t want to spoil anyone else’s journey.

This box is perfect if you love coffee or if you’re just coffee curious and want to learn more.

You get 5 packages of grounds marked with colors along with a tasting form to fill out your guesses and your opinions on the flavors.

I don’t know much about coffee or the flavors they are supposed to have, so they sent a handy “Flavor Wheel” to help out. Their website is full of interesting information as well as how to brew the perfect cup.

I bought myself a little single serve French Press (link in bio on my Amazon Finds) so that I could taste each one individually and spend the time to find the right notes on the flavor wheel.

The sealed envelope contains cards to correspond with the grounds. You can read about the tasting notes and coffee profile to see if how close you came in guessing. Each card has history and farm information as well.

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