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Prepaid Coffee Subscriptions

$ 36.00 now, then $ 0.00 every 4 weeks

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  • The first delivery is the Rise & Grind tasting kit – four different coffees, 2 oz each. Through this kit, you’ll discover the unique tastes coffees can have based on where they are from & how they’ve been roasted.
  • Pick the favorites from the first kit, and your future deliveries will be customized to your taste.

Product Description

Additional Information

  • Skip a delivery if you have too much coffee or are going away. We’ll extend the expiration date. Deadline for changes to an order is Thursday at 5pm.
  • Roasting: We roast each week on Friday and ship within 12 hours. Unless a different shipping date is specified –
    • All orders placed before Thursday 5pm EST will be roasted and shipped on Friday.
    • Any orders placed after Thursday 5pm EST will be roasted the following Friday.
  • Shipping: We ship using USPS First Class from Brooklyn, NY within the United States only. Typical delivery times are 2 to 4 days. International delivery is not currently available.
  • Whole Beans Only: To brew fantastic coffee at home, grind your coffee just before brewing. Pre-ground coffee becomes stale very quickly. That’s why we only sell whole-bean coffee. Buying pre-ground coffee is the same as buying pre-cut apples
  • No decaf: Sorry, we currently don’t offer any decaf coffee.
  • Auto-renew: At the end of each subscription term, your payment method will be automatically charged at the then current rate until you cancel. We will keep the same  size, frequency and duration as your original subscription. You may opt out of auto-renewal by sending us a message any time before subscription renewal occurs.
  • Total # of deliveries: For each duration, here are the total # of deliveries:
    • 2 months
      • Every 2 weeks: 4 deliveries
    • 3 months:
      • Every 2 weeks: 6 deliveries
      • Every month: 3 deliveries*
    • 6 months:
      • Every 2 weeks: 12 deliveries
      • Every month: 6 deliveries*
    • 12 months:
      • Every 2 weeks: 24 deliveries
      • Every month: 12 deliveries*

    *The monthly option has coffees delivered every 4 weeks.

  • Misc: The tasting kit is counted as a delivery. For e.g., for the 3 month, every month, you will receive the tasting kit and 2 additional deliveries.

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