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Coffee Brewing Class

Learn how to make cafe-quality coffee at home with the Aeropress brewer!


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30 minutes


$85 per participant
+ $75 event fee


Perfect for a sales meeting, or a client appreciation event.


1-300 participants

What participants do

Making coffee at home can seem hit or miss - you might have a great tasting cup one day, but a more mundane cup the next. Making a great cup of coffee doesn’t happen by accident, but luckily the techniques are easy to learn, and even easier to repeat!

This 30 minute hands-on tutorial is fun with a team or with prospects, and fits perfectly as a stand-alone class or as part of a longer meeting. Your Driftaway Educator will explain how the Aeropress is different from other coffee makers, and why it’s great for making a quick and delicious cup. You’ll learn how to use the Aeropress to make either hot or iced coffee, and about the five coffees in your Coffee Explorer Box, included in the class. You’ll leave with everything you need to reliably recreate the perfect Aeropress coffee for yourself at home, day after day.

You can choose the regular (hot) coffee brewing class, or the iced coffee brewing class - both use the Aeropress coffee maker. Note: the iced Aeropress class requires a kitchen scale.

What’s shipped to participants

  1. A Coffee Explorer Box (20 oz - 5 x 4oz), featuring five coffees from around the world (Whole bean coffee or ground coffee)
  2. Aeropress brewer

What participants need at home

Kettle or pot to heat water, two mugs (ice for the iced class option).
A coffee brewer is not required, we'll brew in the Aeropress.
A coffee grinder (only if selecting whole beans).


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1. Porlex Manual Mini grinder - This is one of the most compact, useful grinders on the market. The silicon allows you to have a firm grip on the cylinder while grinding. The handle comes off and you are able to store it alongside your grinder too. +$69.95

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2. Baratza Encore Burr Grinder - The Encore is lauded by coffee experts as the go-to entry level grinder for those brewing coffee at home. The Encore gives a great grind for drip/manual brew and also grinds fine enough for espresso. +$169.95

hario scale

3. Hario Scale with Timer - A simple, no fuss scale that looks great and allows you to view time and weight in the same view while brewing your coffee with the Aeropress. +$45.50

About your hosts


James McCarthy has just short of two decades of professional experience in specialty coffee, ranging from barista to manager to roaster, as well as being the 2013 World Brewer’s Cup Champion. He has a strong passion for coffee education and firmly believes that coffee can be accessible. He uses his years of experience to deliver information in a fun, approachable way.


Cyrenthia fell in love with coffee in 2011 when visiting a coffee farm in Guatemala, and started working in specialty coffee professionally the next year. She is now a national competitor in the Specialty Coffee Association’s Coffee in Good Spirits, a coffee-based cocktail competition, and recent author of Dirty Barista, a cocktail recipe book. She’s also a mother and licensed social worker!



30 minutes / $44 per participant / $100 event fee / 1-300 participants


30 minutes / $44 per participant / $100 event fee / 1-300 participants


60 minutes / Starts at $129 per participant + $100 event fee / 1-300 participants