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By 08/30/2021Uncategorized

This morning I decided to brew up some of my @driftawaycoffee.

I decided to start with Profile 4: The Bold blend. (Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Black Tea.

I love the smell of the coffee before and after brewing.

I enjoy the flavor too – it is definitely bold. Funny enough, I think the strongest flavor note in this coffee is black tea! I got subtle notes of the vanilla bean and dark chocolate here and there, especially as the coffee cooled. I might get different notes if I have it completely iced/chilled. I also just used my little coffee maker so I wonder if I try brewing it differently if I’ll get different notes?

Regardless how it’s brewed, I enjoy it! Though next time I might try to leave room for some vanilla soy milk.

If you’d like to read more about this blend, scroll over to picture 3 to see the post card.

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