Cold brew in mason jar

Cold Brew Kit With Cold Brew Blend

$35.00 now, then $35.00 every 4 weeks


In our first foray into cold brew, we’re extremely excited to bring you a custom cold brew coffee that tastes like a rich chocolate, with a hint of nectarine citrusy acidity and maple syrup sweetness. It’s the best cold brew coffee you can make at home or in your office!
We also highly recommend this sleek, attractive and easy-to-use cold brewing container that works with the cold brew coffee bags. Simple add the coffee and water, and 16 hours later, you’ll have incredible cold brew.
Pour over ice and enjoy!

What’s included in kit

  1. Brewing container with lid and stainless steel tap
  2. Brewing instructions pamphlet
  3. Pouch of cold brew coffee – each pouch contains 6 double-sealed mesh bags for brewing coffee and makes 20 large cups of cold brew.

What’s in the cold brew coffee blend

Peru – 70%
Congo – 30%

How many cups can I make in one batch?

Each batch yields approximately 1.25 gallons of cold brew (160 ounces), making 20 cups of 8 ounces each.

How to use

  1. Put all included bags from 1 pouch into the container.
  2. Fill water till the fill line (no need to weigh – we’ve done that part), close the lid and let it brew (we recommend a 4 pm brew time and 8 am removal of the coffee bags from water).
  3. After 16 hours, remove the coffee bags and let them drain. You can add the coffee that drains back into the container.

How to store

While brewing – store at room temperature in any cool, dry, dark place. Kitchen counter works best.
Once brewed – store in a refrigerator. Cold brew will be good to drink for 1 week. If it starts to taste too tart, then it’s a sign that it is starting to go bad.

How to clean up

  1. The container, lid and tap are dishwasher safe.
  2. Please compost the mesh bags once brewed – there’s no need to open them either. They are not meant to be re-used.
  3. The coffee pouch is recyclable with paper recycling.

How we made this coffee

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Materials usage

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Additional information

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