[vc_parallax image=”4989″ id=”parallax-one” heading1=”FRESHLY ROASTED ” heading2=”There is nothing like the smell of freshly roasted coffee! But coffee starts losing it’s
flavor & aroma within 21 days after roasting. So all our coffee is shipped fresh,
within 48 hours of us roasting it in Brooklyn!”]
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We don’t send you any coffee – we only send you coffee you like.

The first delivery has four single-origin coffees with distinct taste profiles:
Fruity, Classic, Balanced & Bold.

Choose your favorites, and only get coffees that match your taste!

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& explore how coffees from different regions taste. There’s so much more
to coffee flavors than “weak” and “strong” – expand your coffee palate!”]
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All our coffee is single-origin, specialty grade, sourced from amazing coffee farms around the world.

For every coffee, we go through a rigorous process of selection, sample roasting & tasting to develop the right roast profile.


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[vc_parallax image=”4982″ id=”parallax-one” heading1=”BECOME A HOME BARISTA” heading2=”Make coffee at home just like what you get in a cafe! From
choosing the right grinder, to brewing recipes & tips, we are
right here to help you make amazing coffee at home!”]
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 This month's Ethiopian coffee comes from the Biftu Gudina Cooperative. Founded in 2012, the 155 members immediately built a wet mill to fix long standing processing issues. Meticulous processing has led to a floral, bright, honeyed cup that shines as an example of world-class coffee from Ethiopia's western frontier. ⠀ --⠀ : @croptocup
 Saturday mornings are for slow pours  #weekendcoffee
 Meet the lady behind this month's Guatemalan coffee GHT: Ana Maria Ortega of Finca Los Angeles. Ana Maria's father owned the farm since its inception in 1950, and Ana Maria was born at the Finca (farm in Spanish). She has managed the farm since her father passed away. Ana Maria is an excellent manager & displays these qualities in conversation & as a host, directing your next move in a supportive yet firm way. She loves nature and flowers. In the city, her house is a beautiful garden complete with peacocks. Behind the house is a massive drying patio and a bodega for her coffees, as she knows to keep an eye on her "Oro" (coffee).⠀ --⠀ We are excited to roast this coffee in the Bold profile to show a different side to coffees from this northern corner of Guatemala."⠀ - ⠀ : @onyxcoffee
 All the fall feels by @venture1105 - "Y’all, @driftawaycoffee sent me one of their coffee boxes and this is the most enjoyable review I’ve ever written. All the coffee!! If you love trying new coffee AND learning about where it comes from, get a box from them!⠀ ⠀ This coffee is roasted every Sunday in Brooklyn NY! Gotta love supporting a small business. And coffee!!"
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