[vc_parallax image=”4989″ id=”parallax-one” heading1=”FRESHLY ROASTED ” heading2=”There is nothing like the smell of freshly roasted coffee! But coffee starts losing it’s
flavor & aroma within 21 days after roasting. So all our coffee is shipped fresh,
within 48 hours of us roasting it in Brooklyn!”]
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We don’t send you any coffee – we only send you coffee you like.

The first delivery has four single-origin coffees with distinct taste profiles:
Fruity, Classic, Balanced & Bold.

Choose your favorites, and only get coffees that match your taste!

[vc_parallax image=”4981″ id=”parallax-one” heading1=”DISCOVER NEW COFFEES” heading2=”We introduce a new coffee for each profile every month, so you can learn
& explore how coffees from different regions taste. There’s so much more
to coffee flavors than “weak” and “strong” – expand your coffee palate!”]
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All our coffee is single-origin, specialty grade, sourced from amazing coffee farms around the world.

For every coffee, we go through a rigorous process of selection, sample roasting & tasting to develop the right roast profile.


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[vc_parallax image=”4982″ id=”parallax-one” heading1=”BECOME A HOME BARISTA” heading2=”Make coffee at home just like what you get in a cafe! From
choosing the right grinder, to brewing recipes & tips, we are
right here to help you make amazing coffee at home!”]
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 Coffee essentials ☕☕ Lovely shot by @iamevandavies. Honored to be included among these stellar brands! @fellow @hario_official @driftmag
 That bloom though
 One week to Father's day! #coffeegiftsarethebestgifts
 Thank you for including us @refinery29  Have you bought your Father's day gift yet? Check out our Father's day sale (link in bio).
 Things that make our day  Reposting @nomorebabylon: ⠀ ...⠀ "Today @dinorrific and I tasted the last batch of Driftaway Coffee from the subscription @nicole_baleno, @nbaleno and @ging3rjo3 got us for Christmas. Firstly, thanks to them for a gift that kept on deliciously giving, but secondly, thanks to @DriftawayCoffee for roasting up excellency each month, especially with TBE. Also, kudos to the farmers for maintaining the "classic profile" of Tanzania -may those varietals be blessed for many years to come! We've been so pleased with Driftaway that we opted to continue the subscription on our own for another six months. I can't wait to see what the end of the year showcases!⠀ ⠀ Slight ad, read if you're interested in more Driftaway: While I'm planning on sharing further details about all the coffees within the subscription at a later date, I wanted to give a shoutout to them for providing affordable monthly offerings for a steal. --Seriously, $11-14 a month for a bag of coffee with larger offerings maxing out at $30 a month roughly is crazy good for the artisan coffee field. -- Biggest selling point is they clearly uphold the beauty of the coffee process. If you buy canned grounds or bulk coffee, this is probably not the coffee for you based on price, but it will completely rock your world flavor-wise. ⠀ #DriftawayCoffee #blackcatsofinstagram #catstagram #tanzaniaburka #TBE #frenchpress"
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