Watch our roasters discuss this coffee – from how its grown to how we roasted it, how it’s tasting, how we selected it and more!


The process of applying heat to green coffee beans to transform its chemical & physical properties,  resulting in roasted coffee beans that can be brewed.


chocolate. THE PRODUCER’S STORY We roasted another coffee from this group of farmers last year in the balanced profile. This year we decided to slot it in the bold profile. It has a heavy body, chocolate, nutty and caramel notes, all the characteristics to make it a good Bold profile.


Similar to Napa Valley or Burgundy for wine, the region where a coffee is grown can tell us a lot about the coffee.

Nuevo Segovia


The farm & mill where the coffee cherry is grown & processed.

126 Various Smallholders

La Estrella comes from 126 different producers from the department of Nueva Segovia, situated 225 km from Nicaragua’s capital, Managua. This is a region very close to the border with Honduras and is part of the Cordillera de Dipilito Natural Reserve, a place with rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. The name La Estrella comes from Beneficio La Estrella, the coffee mill founded in 2013 by Caravela Nicaragua, and located in the municipality of Ocotal. For La Estrella, the coffee come from producers in different municipalities around Nueva Segovia such as Macuelizo, Dipilito, San Fernando, Mozonte y Jalapa.


The method by which the green coffee bean is removed from the fruit & then dried & stored can affect the taste of the coffee.


This selection is fully washed, or wet processed. In wet processing, beans are only dried after all the fruit on the bean has been completely removed. (Letting the fruit ferment first makes removing it easy.) This processing method:

  • Is the most common method used for coffee
  • Generally creates clean flavors
  • Produces a consistent profile


Most wine drinkers know whether they prefer a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot. Similarly, the Arabica coffee plant has several botanical varieties, each with unique taste characteristics.

Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai