The process of applying heat to green coffee beans to transform its chemical & physical properties,  resulting in roasted coffee beans that can be brewed.


This coffee is an excellent example of the intense and complex flavors that can be produced from Colombian Coffees. As a cup of this coffee cools it may surprise you, like some experimental candy invented in a chocolate factory, with its multifaceted dimensions of flavor. Roasting this coffee with care and precision makes sure its natural beauty is preserved.


Similar to Napa Valley or Burgundy for wine, the region where a coffee is grown can tell us a lot about the coffee.

Riobianco, Tolima


The farm & mill where the coffee cherry is grown & processed.

Various Smallholders

The Asociación de Productores de Café Especial del Alto Saldana has 58 members, all of whom live near the town of Herrera and operate small coffee farms. On average, these members’ farms measure just 4.5 hectares (~11.1 acres). This is not a lot of land by any measure, but the farmers manage to make do thanks to the rich soil, favorable climate and year- round favorable growing conditions. The cooperative may be unknown outside of the coffee industry, but it’s well respected by professionals in the industry. The co-op’s meticulously sorted lots regularly score well in cuppings, and several have won accolades over the years.


The method by which the green coffee bean is removed from the fruit & then dried & stored can affect the taste of the coffee.


This selection is fully washed, or wet processed. In wet processing, beans are only dried after all the fruit on the bean has been completely removed. (Letting the fruit ferment first makes removing it easy.) This processing method:

  • Is the most common method used for coffee
  • Generally creates clean flavors
  • Produces a consistent profile


Most wine drinkers know whether they prefer a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot. Similarly, the Arabica coffee plant has several botanical varieties, each with unique taste characteristics.

Colombia, Caturra, Castillo


    Really enjoyed this coffee. Love the hint of chocolate and well balance flavor. One of the best I have had.