The process of applying heat to green coffee beans to transform its chemical & physical properties,  resulting in roasted coffee beans that can be brewed.


I am happy to be roasting a Brazilian coffee for the balanced profile. We have had some really good Brazils for Classic and Bold which you may know if you dabble in those profiles as well but it took a little while and some blind tasting to get over the bias that Brazilian coffees can’t be part of the Balanced Profile. When I first tasted this coffee I had no idea where it was from but it was one of my favorites on a table of more than 20 coffees from all over the world. This coffee trancends the stereotypical flavor identity that brazil as a nutty and chocolatey cup of coffee. In contrast this coffee offers a unique experience due to the hard work and innovation of forward-thinking Brazilian coffee farmers.


Similar to Napa Valley or Burgundy for wine, the region where a coffee is grown can tell us a lot about the coffee.

Cerrado Mineiro


The farm & mill where the coffee cherry is grown & processed.

Sao Luiz Estate

Sao Luiz Estate is part of the Aequitas group, which is a collection of young coffee farmers who are focused on bringing innovative growing practices to the well-known region of Minas Gerais. Sao Luiz’s particular contribution within this group is pioneering pulp natural processing in the region. Pulp natural processing leaves some of the mucilage (or coffee cherry fruit) on the pit during processing. This infuses the pit (or bean) with more flavors while maintaining a fair level of consistency. The method is generally known for producing flavorful, sweet and rounded coffees that have mellow acidity.


The method by which the green coffee bean is removed from the fruit & then dried & stored can affect the taste of the coffee.



Most wine drinkers know whether they prefer a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot. Similarly, the Arabica coffee plant has several botanical varieties, each with unique taste characteristics.

Bourbon, Yellow Catui, and Margoype