Iced Pour over Brewing Class

Do you love cold brew but sometimes can't wait 16 hours for it to brew? Are you looking for an iced coffee that tastes more like hot coffee, with more complexity and brightness? This method allows you to have amazing tasting iced coffee anytime you want it.

Starting at $15

What is Iced Pour Over

Iced pour over is iced coffee brewed fresh over ice. You can brew it in any pour over brewer (including a regular electric drip!): this class will be focusing on the V60 and Chemex.

How is it made?

As you pour hot water over your coffee grounds, the resulting brew is immediately chilled as it hits the ice, and the ice also dilutes it down to an immediately drinkable strength. Fresh brewed iced coffee!

What you'll do

In this 60 minute class you’ll learn the basics of pour over brewing while learning how to brew it cold. You choose which brewer you’d like to use (V60 or Chemex), and our instructor will teach you:

  • How to optimize both V60 & Chemex brewers for making iced pour over
  • How to select the correct grind size for this method
  • How to make adjustments based on how it tastes
  • How iced pour over compares to cold brew & traditional iced coffee

What you need

If you don't have these, you can add them to the cart while you check out!

  • Hario V60 or Chemex, along with filters
  • Coffee Grinder - ideally, a burr grinder
  • Kitchen scale (that weighs in Grams too)
  • Kettle - ideally a gooseneck kettle for better control

P.S. If you already have some Driftaway Coffee at home, we can skip shipping you the explorer kit (and refund you $32). Just email us after you place your order.

How to join

Use Zoom to participate on your desktop or mobile device. After you book, you'll receive an email with a link and details on how to join.