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Brew Guide for the Kalita Wave Pourover Cone

  • Kalita Wave
  • Filter
  • 30g of coffee
  • 525g of water (filtered is best)
  • Carafe or large mug
  • Kitchen scale
  • Timer
  • Kettle (preferably gooseneck)
  • Grinder


1. Heat 525g of water between 200 °F and 205 °F (3 to 5 min off boil). You will use 500g to brew the coffee, and the rest will be used to rinse your filter.

2. Grind your coffee (30g) to a medium, or coarse-sand setting

3. Rinse the filter with 25g hot water to remove any papery taste

4. Add ground coffee and give it a little shake to flatten out the coffee bed

5. Pour just enough water (60g to 80g) to let your coffee de-gas, or bloom. After pouring, wait 30 to 45 seconds. The fresher the coffee, the longer it will bloom!

6. Pour up to 250g slowly, using small concentric circles. Begin in the middle and slowly work your way outwards in circles, always with a consistent, gentle pour. This first 250g should be poured by 1.5 min.

7. When you’re 1.5 min into the brewing process, you’re ready to pour the remainder of your hot water. For this stage, only pour 50g of water every 20 seconds. Keep going until your scale reads 500g of water – aim to be finished pouring at about 2.5 minutes.

8. Let the water drain. If the grind size is correct, it will finish brewing at around 3.5 minutes. If it finishes earlier than 3 minutes, make the grind slightly finer next time. If it finishes later than 4 minutes, make the grind slightly coarser next time.

9. And finally…. Enjoy your coffee!

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