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Coffee Podcasts

There are a number of coffee podcasts, several of which are excellent. At Driftaway Coffee, we’ve collected some of our favorites. Together, they discuss a wide range of topics related to coffee.

Sweet Maria’s Coffee

Sweet Maria’s is a green coffee supplier that has a wealth of online resources for home roasters. One of those resources is the Sweet Maria’s Coffee podcast. The podcast isn’t updated regularly or frequently, but when a new episode is uploaded it’s worth listening to. The content is rich, and it often covers coffee agronomy topics that arise from Tom’s trips to origin locations.

Cat and Cloud

The people at Cat & Cloud (a coffee shop in Santa Cruz) put on a weekly podcast, the Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast. This is a well-done podcast that’s easy to listen to, and it often has great insights for anyone who owns or works at a coffee shop. Topics often veer into service industry issues, so home baristas might not be too interested in certain episodes’ subject matter. Overall, though, this is a great podcast that covers material relevant to lots of baristas.

I Brew My Own Coffee

Brian and Bryan host the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast. They cover products, Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) events and industry developments. Episodes frequently feature interviews with highly regarded professionals who have excellent insights into coffee.

Tamper Tantrum

Tamper Tantrum perhaps has the most interesting history of any coffee podcast. It was borne when Colin Harmon, Ben Helfen and Steven Leighton got into a lengthy (recorded) discussion that covered several controversial coffee topics. After this conversation, Colin and Steve decided to begin Tamper Tantrum.

In the early days, Colin and Steve discussed coffee-related subjects themselves. They quickly began having guests on, though. Each guest was given 20 minutes to talk unabated about an aspect of coffee they’re passionate about, and a short moderated panel followed afterward. The formula led to some of the industry’s leaders expounding on their particular expertise, and Colin and Steve haven’t deviated from this type of approach.

The Coffee Podcast

The Coffee Podcast is worth listening to for two reasons. First, episodes are clearly and accurately labeled, so you can select only the episodes that interest you. Second, the podcast covers a whole range of topics — the state of coffee research, drinking coffee in outer space and more.

Brew Coffee and Enjoy

Of course, it should go without saying that all of these podcasts are best enjoyed while drinking a delicious cup f the beverage the podcasts talk about. To get some freshly roasted beans shipped directly to your door, sign up for one of our coffee subscriptions. We’ll send the beans — you just need to brew, turn on the podcast and listen.


Suyog is one of the founders and resident coffee nerd at Driftaway Coffee. When he's not with coffee, he loves a good business metric to bash or break apart. His current faves are CPC, LTV, AOC

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