Side by Side Tasting Virtual Event

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Every participant gets a 1.25 lb Coffee Explorer kit. James will present the different coffees in the kit, explaining where they are from, how they are roasted, their tasting notes and more!

Mask Group 2
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30 or 60 Minutes


$40 per participant
+ $50 event fee


Perfect for a quick coffee break in the middle of a meeting or conference


1-300 participants

What participants do

The participants will be guided through an exploration of the coffees in the Coffee Explorer Kit, describing where they are from, how they have been roasted, how they taste, tips for brewing them & more!

What’s shipped to participants

The Coffee Explorer Box - Five 4 oz bags of fresh-roasted coffees from around the world. The coffees are sustainably sourced, single-origin coffees, each from a different region, roasted to a different level. There’s something for everyone!

Decaf option - Participants get 2 lbs of one decaf coffee.