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Freshly Roasted Coffee (3 weeks)

    $ 0.00 now, then $ 11.00 every 2 weeks


    • The first delivery is the Rise & Grind tasting kit – four different coffees, 1 oz each.
    • The second delivery is two weeks after the first delivery, but every delivery after is based on the frequency you choose. For instance, for a monthly plan, the third delivery would be one month after the 2nd delivery.
    • Existing customer: If you are switching between plans, the $4 sign up fee does not apply. Also, the Rise & Grind tasting kit will not be sent again.
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    • Pause or Cancel anytime. Deadline for changes to an order is Thursday at midnight.
    • Roasting: We roast every week on Friday and the same day.
    • Shipping: We ship using USPS First Class from Brooklyn, NY within the United States only. Typical delivery times are 1 to 3 days. International delivery is not currently available.
    • To brew fantastic coffee at home, grind your coffee just before brewing. Pre-ground coffee becomes stale very quickly. That’s why we only sell whole-bean coffee. Buying pre-ground coffee is the same as buying pre-cut apples
    • Sorry, we currently don’t offer any decaf coffee.

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