Making Cold Brew Coffee


Jun 10, 2021

Cold brew is the epitome of set-it-and-forget-it when it comes to coffee brewing, and we make it even easier with our mess-free, pre-weighed & pre-ground cold brew mesh bags!

To make cold brew, coarsely ground is steeped in cold water overnight. Cold water extracts coffee flavor more slowly, so that extended brew time allows for the water to pull out all of those wonderful coffee flavors. And because cold water can’t pull out as many of the top notes that give coffee its brightness and acidity, cold brew tends to be way more mellow.

We’ve put together a quick Cold Brew tutorial for using our cold brew mesh bags, so you can get going and get drinking. We’ve got a video tutorial and step-by-step visual guide, troubleshooting tips, frequently asked questions, and even some cold brew cocktail recipes!


2.25L Pitcher for the 6 oz cold brew bag /
3 cup jar for the 3 oz cold brew bag

Need a recommendation?

For the 3 oz cold brew bag: 2.75 cups of water
For the 6 oz cold brew bag: 5.5 cups for water



Place the mesh bag into your container.

Pour filtered water.

(For 3 oz mesh bag: 2.75

cups 6 oz mesh bag: 5.5 cups)


Press down on the bag a couple of times to make sure the coffee grounds start to get saturated. Over time as the coffee grounds get fully saturated, the bag sinks to the bottom.

Steep for 16 hours at room temperature in a cool, dark place, or in the fridge.


After 16 hours of steeping, remove the mesh bag. What you have remaining is your cold brew concentrate!

TIP: Use a colander to help drain all of the cold brew out of the bag.


Dilute with 2 parts concentrate, one part water.

TIP: Experiment with dilution to get the cold brew tasting just how you like it.

TIP: Try diluting it with the milk of your choice for a creamier drink.


How long does it take to steep cold brew?

For our mesh bags, we recommend starting with 16 hours.

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My cold brew tastes watery or too thick. Help!

Adjust steep time, dilution or try a different coffee!

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How long does cold brew last and where to store it?

Cold brew can last up to 5 days when stored in the fridge.

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What cold brew ratio should I use?

Our recipe with Driftaway cold brew bags uses 1 part coffee to 7 ⅓ parts water to make cold brew.

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What are the best coffees for cold brew?

Precisely why we created our Cold Brew Explorer kit!

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What is the difference between cold brew and cold brew concentrate?

Cold brew concentrate IS cold brew, but it will need to be diluted before you drink it.

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Does cold brew have more caffeine?

Since most cold brew recipes use more coffee than hot brew recipes, they contain more caffeine.

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Is cold brew and iced coffee the same?

While they are both cold coffee, but are brewed in different ways, and taste sligthly different.

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Wondering what type of pitcher to brew our cold brew mesh bags in?

For our 3 oz cold brew bags, we recommend a 3 cup container or mason jar.

For the 6 oz cold brew bag, we recommend a 2.5 quart jar with approxomately a 5” opening diameter, so its easy to place and retrieve the cold brew bags. Here are some we have tried and tested:

Amazon Basics 2.5-quart pitcher

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Komax 2.4 qt pitcher

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